Will 2017 end like 2016?

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You are the best person to answer the question above. Remember, you can identify the reoccurrence of a trend which defines whether you achieve your set goals or not.

At this time of the Year, people make a lot of promises to themselves and their loved ones. Promises to change some lifestyles, to cut down on profligate expenditures, minimize wastage, spend quality time with friends and family, adopt a healthy lifestyle, write a book, save for your next business or further your education, travel and the lists goes on. But the question remains, do they live up to their words? How long are they able to hang on?

Many have made New Year resolutions to lose its meaning in the course of the year. It’s become a trend that in the first week of a New Year, people become engulfed and obsessed with New Year’s resolutions but fail to stick to these lofty ideals and plans which only remain wishy-washy in nature.

We live them to chance and fold our arms waiting for luck to meet it half way.


The question is, did you achieve your set goals in 2016 or did you even set one for yourself? The fact is, many claim to set goals but in reality they never set one. Having the intentions to set goals but not getting down to actually setting one is one surest way to fail and fail quick.

Sometimes in life we need to take the bull by the horn and stop making excuses for our inactions. Take a good account of your life and conclude whether you actually pursued your goals with diligence in 2016. If not, then you are more likely to pursue 2017 with the same outcome of 2016 if you don’t change course and make amends. It takes conscious effort to get this done, don’t leave it to chance. Nothing worthwhile came to being by chance. Your personal growth and development will surely not materialize if you toss it in the wind of chance. Not setting goals is akin to planning to fail, be it in your professional life or any other endeavor.

An article by Dan Diamond, a contributor to Forbes.com, quotes a research done by University of Scranton which suggests that “just 8% of people achieve their New Year's goals”.

This is to confirm that many set goals but a few achieve them. Hence 2017 should be the year you will have to stop making excuses and procrastinating. If you always set goals but never act on any of them, stop making excuses in 2017 because nothing will change. Wishful thinking is the lust embellishing the truth to achieving your goals. Nothing happens when no effort is exerted. Effort brings potential results. So expect nothing if you are idle in 2017.

2017 will be a great year for those who set goals, have the discipline and patience to follow through and see their goals materialize. It is for people who will take ACTION. I call it the action -oriented year. Resources are scarce, time is of the essence, but 2017 is a great year for the committed and diligent who through thick and thin will marshal these scarce lots to improve their lives and that of others. You don’t need to have it all but start from somewhere, with the little in your hands- the resource, the talent, whatever, just START. It is for people who will meet a roadblock but still go ahead and continue the journey. They will not be perturbed by the wall that they see but how to go around the wall will be their mission for 2017.

Always remember doors only open when you knock- and to put it bluntly, “who you push.” In 2017 push beyond your limits.  People only invest in you when they see you in action. To look back at December 2017 and honestly say to yourself I gave my all and be happy with the outcome of your goals can only be possible if you took action and worked hard towards achieving your goals.

To succeed in 2017, I have put down ‘Seven Strategic Steps to Meeting your Goals’ which is a free eBook to serve as a guide in 2017. Visit http://7steps.oscarbimpong.com/ to download it.

Remember the step you take towards your goals is what will make the difference in 2017. Moreover, the step is not enough but the consistency of your steps will break boundaries and conquer territories beyond your wildest imagination. Keep your faith alive and work diligently at your goals.

Remember, Success operates in active moments and not in idleness.


Let my wish for you in 2017 come to pass by doing your bit, by taking a bold step towards achieving your dreams.

Remember it’s possible if only you believe.

God bless you.