Prof Joshua Alabi writes on Atomic Junction gas explosions

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Once again, Accra is in shock and weeps over the loss of precious lives from collective negligence. 

Collectively, we keep brooding over incessant fire accidents either from electrical failures or negligence of filling stations. We continue to talk and brood each time such accidents occur.

Most of us express our condolences, yet no radical corrective action is taken to improve the situation. 

We have witnessed just too many of such unfortunate situation of flooding accidents and fire explosions. 

Once again, Accra sadly weeps and mourns. But for how long can we continue the same way.  

As I join other well-meaning Ghanaians to express my deepest condolences, I wish to use the opportunity to call for action now. 

I call on all the relevant authorities and agencies to ensure that standard procedures and periodic monitoring are established and put into action. 

Serious sensitisation also needs to be undertaken throughout the country to mitigate this canker eating the county. 

Enough should be enough. 

We need action now. 

I call on all well-meaning Ghanaian to join this call for action.