Nassy's Corner: Why I wept after learning how we react towards poor, rich kids

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I once watched a documentary that moved me to tears. The producers wanted to know how people would react to two children facing different situations.

They dressed a little girl so nicely that anywhere she went, she was immediately accepted. She wore beautiful clothes and looked adorable. When she was left both by the side of the street and also in a restaurant, almost everyone stopped to inquire if she was looking for her parents.

Some of the passersby stopped to ask if she could give out an address or phone number so they could contact her parents. Others stayed with her for so long. They smiled at her, talked to her and complimented her.


In short, they were all so good to her as if she was theirs. The girl felt loved and happy that strangers were so good to her.

But when dressed differently, the response was different. In her new dirty dress, with her face having traces of dirt, she was rejected by the very people who had welcomed her. Basically, she was dressed like a homeless child.

When she walked into the restaurant,  she sat at a table but immediately one lady on it, drove her away. Anyone she went to, she was either driven away or her fingers were brushed off them.

Not even a single individual treated her as they did earlier, when she looked beautiful. At a point, the producers had to stop filming because the girl began to cry.

When asked why, she said she felt so sad that the people were indifferent towards her than before. They never even looked at her much less treat her as good as before.

So the question on the floor should be why? Why are we so driven by disgust in our relations with the underprivileged? And why do we treat them so badly? Not just the underprivileged but people who are different than we originally expected.

Our reactions to some of these people have consequences, but we never really own up to them, we only judge them.

Many people deal with rejection in different ways. A university lady from a poor background with a sugar daddy and we judge her. But it is this same two-faced society which treated her like a nobody and made her so things she felt she needed to survive.

Others fall into depression, commit suicide or subject themselves to many things because of our actions.

The five fingers are not the same so it's up to us to shed this clothing we have on and put on a new one. One that accepts everyone in society regardless of what they have or who they are.