Nassy's Corner: The ostrich in us when it comes to discipline at SHS

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The big question that Ghanaians have found it difficult to grasp is: What the role of teachers at our second cycle institutions is.

Now while it is easy to conclude that many of Ghana's youth are 'spoilt' and have issues with their training or upbringing, I think it is a misnomer.

This is because when you ask what resulted in the poor upbringing, you're told they weren't 'disciplined' in their schools. When you probe further they tell you they are expecting teachers to use canes to correct them, asking the students to weed, and asking them to kneel down many others.


The problem is that these same people will walk into the schools and question why a child was beaten and demand the teacher to be warned or punished.

Some will say my child cannot do any weeding or undergo another form of punishment. Some parents would be displeased even if their children are shouted at.

Fact is, they'll tell you that the schools are not disciplining the students when they are the very people thwarting efforts to discipline the students.

But then, they are right. Teachers must instil discipline in students. Undeniably this attitude of the society plays the ostrich has led to the questionable behaviour of teachers and students in our schools.

A teacher dares not punish a student because there'll be trouble and so s/he is compelled to leave the student to misbehave.

If one student runs away from the boarding house too without permission, the student is suspended. But if another student tries it she's given some menial work to do unsupervised, which is equal to patting her back and saying it's okay.

As a teacher, if the fear of pay cut or some 'talks' from parents and administration frustrate you from demanding discipline, you will be blamed.

Also, teachers are not there just to discipline students but instil in them good morals, values and for them [teachers] to be a role model for these young ones.

Teachers prefer to sit at dim places at prep time and 'teach' a student during prep hours.

Female teachers prefer to 'fight' a student over a male teacher or vice versa.

What values are you as a teacher instilling in the child when you act this way.

What good morals are you sending across?

In our society, we sometimes say that the elderly knows everything and the young ones know nothing.

It might not always be the case but the message is, the young ones learn from the elderly, they choose these elders as role models.

So as a teacher are you a good role model?

If you decide that having an affair with a student is better than being called to explain why you punished a student,  then what values or morals are we putting across?.

Note to parents:

Our dear parents no teacher picks a cane to purposefully hurt a student. The idea of canning is to stop the child from repeating an action. The pain that comes along with the punishment (no one likes pain, naturally) may bring some relief.
Is it not better to leave a teacher to do his job and only question him when it is really necessary?

If you can do the work of a teacher then there will be no sending the kids to school. Right?