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Yes! Two days ago was the judgment day… this was not the end time though. The day that decided the fate of Otiko whose fellow Oti faced a similar Sanhedrin only eight months ago. The two seem to have some commonalities except sex difference. The tyranny of the majority appeared to be in full operation whiles the frivolity of the minority assumed a preponderance levels. That was the show of power from both sides of the house. Otiko has refused to eat a humble pie by not apologizing to the former president, John Mahama whom the later had described in terms that the minority did not find amusing. In fact she refused to be a tamed lioness, exhibiting a bravado characteristic of an iron lady.

This the minority said confirms Madam Otiko as disrespectful for authority and lacks the required temperament to be a minister for Children, Gender and Social Protection. Really!

Madam Otiko has described the former president as one who has a devilish heart, wicked and a persona who represented the embarrassment of the northern tradition. With the former President supervising what has become known as dumsor for over four years continues, culminating in job lose, in some cases death and by extension failure in examination because there was no light for students to learn with, wickedness was an apt description of the leader of the country. One may disagree with her for not mincing words with her bullet descriptions but her defence was solid and reasonable. Let’s be truthful to ourselves as a country because in the height of the dumsor, the Ex-President had told all of us that smart business men are raking in profit and the situation was not imparting on their businesses, virtually down-playing the debilitating effect of the power cuts.

Because of the poverty lacuna that date back as far as colonialism, of course not the doing of JDM, the novel initiative to tackle that deficiency head-on in the northern part of our country was embraced by every Ghanaian. As a native himself, the former president was viewed to have a better appreciation of the situation but that seem not to have been the case, because the prograame became a vehicle to amass wealth by those who were mandated to manage the programme. There are reports that justify the claim that the SADA programme was a convenient vehicle tocreate, loot and share. To her, that policy failure represented an embarrassment to the northern brand especially when she is also a native and a sister to the president.  For her not to have exercised ‘timorosity’ to apologise makes her unfit to become a minister of state, according to the minority. Madam Otiko refused to follow the status quo where those who have engaged in character assassination took time to render an unqualified apology all in the name to secure their jobs as ministers.

Similarly, the MP for Nkwanta North, Hon. Oti Bless had accused the chief Justice of bias and unfairness against the then ruling party. According to him, Mrs. Wood allows her political leanings to cloud her judgment by empowering judges who are not friendly to the course of the NDC to sit on cases which involved the party and the then opposition. He then went ahead to describe the Chief Justice in unsavory terms. That notwithstanding, the majority then gladly confirmed him against a stiff opposition. It was also alleged that he did not do his national service but a farce was not made of it.

Madam Otiko found herself in a similar quagmire having not done her service. She has been giving a waiver, hence her confirmation yesterday. The minority was livid shouting no way, forgetting that they aided Oti Bless to have a safe passage under an analogous circumstance.

Madam Otiko drew a lot of admirers because she was viewed as a lady of her words, she meant every word that came from her in the heat of the campaign. The point is she is miles firmer that any of those men and who had appeared before the 5th and 6thparliament to plead for clemency in order to pave way for them to have a smooth process of approval. Those ministers did what they did only for political advantage that was why they did not have any defence but to apologise for their misbehavior. Our country can’t continue to have such people who are not decisive to be ministers because it is very unfair to the people of this country

Madam Otiko’s tenacity can be summed up in this phrase‘she is led by her convictions not convenience’. Obviously, she is convinced that she does not lose her heard because of elections. From every observation, she believes that political convenience must not push one to make comments that he cannot defend when the day of reckoning comes. In her view there should be nothing like political talk. Those who want to seek votes must not engage in double-speak. When you speak, you must have the gut to defend it. You don’t change your position because you want to become a minister… it is unacceptable… it smacks of double-standards. Such tenacity is what we need as a country…people who have an unflinching belief in a philosophy and are able to defend it.  The words she used may be strong but they are not insults.

Going forward, it is imperative that as politicians speeches made during elections are grounded on facts and can stand the test of every scrutiny. Oti Bless eventually became the deputy mister for Local Government and Rural Development and now Otiko is the minister for Children, Gender and Social Protection.


The article was written by Lord Boat, a native of Jacobu in the Amansie Central District. You can reach him via ernestboateng12@yahoo.com.