Anna Michelle Walters- Cosby High School Substitute Teacher


Anna Michelle Walters is another teacher who had sex with her student? here we go again.. We have been hearing about this kind of stories way too much and sadly they don’t seemed to stop or get old, and for Justin Foster the student who allegedly had sex with his teacher identified as Anna Michelle Walters a former teacher at Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia, he can’t just let go.

Anna Michelle Walters Chesterfield County Public School teacher pic

This is Justin Foster, now an adult  in Morgantown, West Virginia who shocked the Twitter community  by tweeted several nude photos and text messages of former substitute teacher Anna Michelle Walters with whom he allegedly had sex with while he was a student at Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia.

Justin Foster Anna Michelle Walters picture

And these are the text messages Justin and Anna Walters exchanged during their tryst.

If Anna in fact has an inappropriate sexual relationship with Justin, she  did a terrible mistake, but don’t you agree  that Justin is not doing so well himself? Why did he revealed this now? He said he didn’t when he was drunk.

Here is Anna Michelle Walters’ Biography:

Anna Michelle graduated in 2006 from Saint Gertrude High School, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and psychology from the University of Alabama, where she also joined the Alpha Phi, Campus Crusade, College Republicans, Bama Paws.

In 2008 she worked as a dental assistant at Drs. Oley, Shaia and Associates, that same year and until  July, 2009 she was a hostess at Brio Tuscan Grille, for over a year she was a nanny for a family in Richmond, VA.

Last year she worked  first as a cashier at Newk’s Express Café and this year became an event planner with LK Events and design. Anna Walters became a substitute teacher at Chesterfield County Public School in January, 2012 until recently this week when she was fired.

The morning of October 12, 2012, Chesterfield Schools was made aware of an allegation made by a recent graduate regarding a substitute teacher,” Shawn Smith, Spokesman, Chesterfield Schools said.  ”Chesterfield Police were immediately contacted.”

“An immediate school investigation was conducted and the substitute teacher is no longer employed as of the end of that same day (October 12, 2012),” said Smith.

Anna’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn have been deleted along with her naked photos,

However this site here still have the uncensored nude pics of Walters. WRIC Richmond News and Weather

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