Amanda Holt- Jonathan Holt’s Wife


Amanda Adams Holt is Whitney Heichel’s Killer Jonathan Holt’s Wife. Jonathan Holt’s wife Amanda is devastated in disbelief and horrified by the things her husband is being accused of, worst of all is that he already accepted he kidnapped, sexually abused and killed Whitney Heichel

Amanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife photos2Amanda Adams Holt Jonathan Holt Wife photos

Amanda Adams Holt also known as Amanda Holt is devastated by the news that her longtime boyfriend and husband Jonathan Holt was the person responsible for the kidnapping, sexual assault and murder of her neighbor Whitney Heichel the Oregon’s Starbucks’ Barista that went missing last week.


Jonathan Holt mugshot

When Amanda’s Holt’s husband Jonathan was arrested of killing their neighbor 21-year-old Whitney Heichel, she deleted her Facebook account and went into hiding, not because she has something to be ashamed of, after all she is a victim of her husband, but because of the pain she is living in right now.

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24 y-year-old Amanda Adams became Mrs. Jonathan Holt on March 2010 this wedding registry of Amanda and Holt’s wedding is from January 30, 2010]in a beautiful ceremony at the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in Gresham followed by a romantic reception at the Persimmon Country Club, after their wedding they lived for a while at Amanda’s parents home.

Amanda Holt’s husband is 24-year-old Jonathan Holt the man charged with the cold blooded murder of  Mrs. Heichel, Amanda her husband and the Heichels lived in the same apartment complex, they go to the same church, she even had her plants and cats taken care by her friendly neighbors, everything going on right now in the life of Mrs. Holt is her worst nightmare.

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