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Blog / Live Ghana Tv Blog - 9 months ago

Pause! Show gratitude

I was terrified, to say the least. What would have been the reason Opanyin Baadu would summon me to his house? This was a man who is highly respected and revered in the village and the last elder everyone resorted to for conflict resolution. Tried...

Blog / Live Ghana Tv Blog - 9 months ago

How to become an effective communicator

Dr. Samuel Kisseadoo I would want us to discuss the five general principles you need to observe in order to become a good and effective communicator. Communication is not just getting things said. Communication is getting things heard and heeded. Th...

Blog / Live Ghana Tv Blog - 9 months ago

NPP’s Kofi Taylor is gone; Winneba Mourns

I must admit I was such a resisting boy when I was a child. I never gave in easily, and I refused to be put down. I also had a character of never shedding tears, no matter the circumstances. I was beaten several times, I was overpowered several tim...