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Blog / Live Ghana Tv Blog - 2 months ago

Finding a job after expatriating to Ghana

The very first thing about Ghana that all expatriates should know is that you are going to need a good amount of money to live in this country comfortably. Housing is a pretty sizable expense, as are imports and entertainment. As such, most expatria...

Blog / Live Ghana Tv Blog - 2 months ago

Lake: Message from the Morning Man

Today’s message is one of my favourites from the upcoming book, Inspiration from the Morning Man. It’s called Lake. Uncle Ebo Whyte often talks about the lessons he learnt from his mother. The other day, he shared an expression she often used to des...

Blog / Live Ghana Tv Blog - 2 months ago

Effah-Dartey writes: The Chief Justice?

Reader, let me say it bluntly, without mincing words: I have a big problem with the office of the Chief Justice as set out in our Constitution. Why do I say so? The most powerful person in Ghana is the President but in actual fact he is not because...